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Some moments are so pure that we wish they could linger. They are like reminders, recollections of times so remote that they have become blurry. The colours have faded, and the people have turned into a vague presence. As they are slowly moving away from us, we are being betrayed by our memories.

Stop moving for a second, then bundle up, cover up, and lay down to contemplate your thoughts about the passing of time. This blanket is the one object communicating between heaven and earth; it belongs to our ancestors all the while being a source of comfort to the living in a final moment of sharing.

It was made with patience. I spent countless hours embroidering the details, repeating handiwork, and praying. This pebble blanket encourages us to converse with time, the time which is eating our lives away until remains but a reflection of it, a few seconds before reaching heaven.


2 m2, diverse white fabrics, family portraits, pearls, textile print


Souchaud Art Project

Ongoing exhibition

Notre dame île Barbe Lyon 9

from 14th June to 18th July

open from 1PM to 6PM every day except on Mondays

sabine feliciano

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