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Embroidering is not vital, which is the very reason why it is so essential.

The story of one’s life is a slow process interspersed with bits of time, a search for the ultimate nirvana, a surrender so difficult to achieve that it continually questions one’s body, one’s sensations, and one’s perceptions. This fragmentation of time confronts us with the transformations that take place. So many sensitive strategies to awaken the way we look at these in-between moments. An uncomfortable zone that celebrates life outside of any morbid representation.

Time transcends one’s body and soul. It makes one go from immense joy to emptiness, from having hopes to experiencing loss, therefore urging one’s ultimate desires to savor sensations that will eventually vanish forever.

I am fascinated with being able to highlight the complexity of the living by marking a pause in this non-linear, yet continuous process. I enjoy probing, fragmenting, cutting, playing with the envelope, and confronting the outside with the inside. I remain in love with the imperfections, with the living, and with the fragility of its rebirth.

I store and I accumulate recycled materials: worn out fabrics that were sewn, stitched, embroidered, or mixed together. Textiles form a close bond between memories and emotions because they touch us, cover us, wrap us. They tell stories, and the stories of recycled, torn, dyed, and damaged textiles become the wefts of an imaginary world. But who is to say that is it not real if it can move us ?


Galets 2018 Participation à l'exposition Grève Blanche pour la Galerie Licence IV - Lyon.  Souchaud Art Project

Sabine Feliciano
Etude : Ecole de communication visuelle et d'art graphique E.C.V. Paris.
Actuellement : St Etienne, France.
SIRET 510 740 988 00025

Graphiste indépendante

Translation : Claire Descaves




2023 -  20 août - 30 nov  23  - MuseuTêxtil - Natural Impressions - 64 artistes de 22 nationalités différentes selectionnés- Curator Rodrigo Franzã

2023 - du 22 juin au 9 juillet 2023 - Le Palais de Tancrède-  Chapelle Notre Dame de l’île Barbe Lyon 69009

2023 - du 8 avril au 2 juin Matières d'art présente  Relier Délier su Collectif (FU) au  Trampoline - Place de l'Olme / centre bourg - 63 270 VIC LE COMTE-

2023 - 9 mars au 12 mars - artiste invitée- Aiguille en fête 23 - exposition art contemporain - Paris -

2023 - 13 janv au  23 fev - Résidences et Installation à La Clayette Collège les Bruyère en compagnie de Olivia Ferrand

2023 - 16 au 29 janv - ROSE PLANTÉES  Galerie Imag'In- 14 rue des pierre Plantées - Lyon - Croix Rousse

2022/23 - 1er déc au 8 janvier 23- La nuit des Arts - Roubaix à "la Maison Verte" chez Hugo Laruelle à l'occasion de l' exposition " Petits Points II, contrepoints à "William Morris " L'art dans tout " au musée de la piscine à Roubaix

2022 Silk in Lyon du 17 au 22 NOV 22 Lyon2 -  Palais de la Bourse avec le Collectif FU [fil utile]

2022 Je(u) plante des graines. Expo collective Médiathèque de la Ricamarie. (42)

2022 Injonctions, dépassements, Collectif Combinaison. Atelier des Charrons St Etienne

2022 Bifurcation Collectif Fu (fil Utile) Co-création avec Gisèle Jacquemet - 12e Biennale du design de St Etienne22 Salle des Cimaises

2021 PURE ou la cause formelle expo du 13 juin au 18 juillet - Chapelle Notre Dame de Ile Barbe Lyon 9

2021 PURE ou la cause formelle expo du 13 juin au 18 juillet - Chapelle Notre Dame de Ile Barbe Lyon 9

2020 confinement/ Mr Li / petite fleur / ficher

2019  corps / écorché poursuite de travaux crochet et textile/ chemin de croix /

2016/18  terre mère/ anatomie de la terre / galet

2014/2019 : intérieur, la trace / écorché ironique

Mettre en évidence la complexité du vivant. Mise en abîme d'un processus fascinant d'une transformation.

2013  les Es-Sens-Ciel {Les 5 sens/ouvrages textiles brodés}

2012  refuge/cabanes  {ouvrages textiles brodés}

         Ex voto / nos espoirs

2011  Envol, porte-oiseaux {broches textiles brodés}

2009/10  les Délavés, crochet aquatique {anatomie de la mer}

2007/08  cabinets de curiosité {24 pièces uniques textiles brodés}


Lycée de La Mode Adrien Testud au Chambon Feugerolles / section art appliquée cours de Blandine Goin

2021 Année 20/ Gatsby avec classe CAP vêtement

2020 Année 20/ Gatsby / parure Classe de 1er (reporté)

2019  Année 20/ Gatsby /parure Terminal et Greta

2018 Parures tribales / Frida Khalo

classe de 1er bac vêtmement et Greta



I was born in 1965 in Paris, but I now live and work in Saint-Etienne. I was always interested in textile, yet other opportunities were presented to me. I studied business for three years before going into an art and visual communication school in Paris. I worked for two years in a “studio de tendance” and then for fifteen years as an artistic director for advertisement, publishing, and art books. I was originally trained as a graphic designer; I now mix my passion with the enchantment of textile.​

As a child, I was fascinated with “ouvrages de dames” – books that compiled old catalogue pages, pictures of tools, ribbons, threads, and laces, and all the things that the embroiderers used.


My grandmother was a “Première Main” – she worked as a seamstress for Balenciaga in the 1930s, collecting precious materials, blending diverse textile together harmoniously. She skilfully worked on technical models and unique pieces full of history. For my part, I learned at a young age how to use needles and started embroidering floral patterns on cushions. I never stopped doing so.


For more than a decade, I have met incredible people who have accompanied me on my textile journey and allowed me to learn and discover new techniques by sharing our different artistic worlds and skills.

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