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SEED OF ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Seed plant game/embroidered textile game

Game rules, dice, bonus and malus cards, game board, seed tokens



Plant seeds game/ Work induced by the exhibition Fertile by Gaëlle Boissonnard

Fertile -An exhibition like a color chart, which would decline in colors and materials the power of life of the plant in parallel with that of the feminine. Paper, textiles and a story of scraps, fragments of memories collected, linked and assembled endlessly, to which the artist gives substance, so as not to lose and not to get lost.


Seeds- Inside this exhibition, an installation brings together in an old piece of furniture, the very small works of fifty women, visual artists, embroiderers, ceramists, engravers, jewellers... Echoing this theme of fertility, these are as many perceptions, conceptions, stories and know-how that give birth to fifty collections of seeds.



sabine feliciano

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