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Panties series 2016 -2023

Virtual group exhibition in 2015 organised by the Virtual Gallery of the Godmother, in parallel with the exhibition "Fragonard Amoureux, Galant et Libertin" at the Musée du Luxembourg from 16 September to 24 January 2016

Gives birth to the first panty with the choice to illustrate the painting "Les heureux hasards de l'escarpolette" by Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732-1806)

Improbable culotte" Dyed house cloth, silk threads, soutache, 40 x 30 cm (2015)

Panties #1 Box under glass embroidered with soutache and pearl. Dyed textile and embroidery on lace (2020)

Braid from Sara Revil. Sutache from "Tressage & Passementerie

(St Chamond)

"What would have been ... " in conversation with Sabine Feliciano

A tribute to the gaze that in the shadows will surprise the beauty that will bring it joy.  A fleeting moment, but one that is repeated, revealing to the spectator's gaze, under the frothy mass of petticoats, what should have remained hidden... her beautiful ankle.
Here the inspiration is free and unrestrained from the look of the canvas "les Hasards heureux de l'escarpolette". Wallace Collection
Everyone adapts the period to his or her own sensitivity by showing his or her own fantasies. Of course, at the time, it was the appearance of the ankle that caused a stir. 
What would have been his underwear?

Panties #2. Forbidden fruit

dyed house cloth, beads, threads, metal threads, trimmings (Sara Revil)

30 x 25 cm (2023)


Panties #3. Lorgnette

dyed house cloth, beads, threads, trimmings (Sara Revil)

30 x 25 cm (2023)


Panties #4 Who run the world ?

dyed house cloth, trimmings,  embroidery threads, sequin

30 x 25 cm (2023)

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