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stereotypes, overcoming

Not so ordinary glove ...

Latex glove, embroidery, thread, fabrics box Pimpernel and Strawberry thiefs by Wilima Morris


dec 2022- january 2023

Exhibition small stitches, counterpoint to William Morris II la Maison Verte


Invited with 10 embroiderers to exhibit in Hugo Laruelle's studio for Hommage à Williams Morris, embroiderer, poet, writer, designer


Green House Roubaix

28 rue du Marechal Foch in Roubaix

Since our mothers' wombs, we have all been shaped by these corridors, walls and labyrinths which lead us astray and indefinitely change our arrival in the world. In intimacy as well as in social relations we are assigned. To leave this representation is an arduous task, as what we could become would lead us into unknown territory. Brambles that invade us like all these injunctions that stick to our skin.

Acquisition of this piece by the Musée de la Piscine in Roubaix. (France)

The "not-so-ordinary glove" joins the collections of the @museelapiscine in Roubaix, an acquisition thanks to the friends of the museum and to the wonderful exhibition proposal by Hugo Laruelle in November 2022 at La Maison Verte in Roubaix for Small Points II Counterpoints to William Morris*. An exhibition alongside "William Morris, Art in Everything" at the La Piscine museum, which ended on 8 January 2023. Thanks to Hugo and Sylvette Botella-Gaudichon.

*Political theorist, publisher, environmental activist and poet, William Morris (1834-1896) is one of the greatest figures of the nineteenth century. His most enduring legacy, however, is in the field of interior design, where his company became the leader of the Arts & Crafts movement. Morris & Co



Brilliant sponge (2022)

Sponges, embroidery, thread, beads


Exhibition Ombre d'un doute 

St Etienne (42)

with the collective Combinaison for 

Stereotypical injunction, overcoming


Being brilliant but not only...
What makes us do without waiting, tasks that have been assigned to us since the dawn of time?

What makes that little voice that calls out to you gently but curtly, put you in such a state of incomprehension, understanding that you are assigned with dignity the assignment of household tasks or the dilemma of housewife largely indoctrinated by the family.

This domination in a world where economic and domestic life has changed has led women, long after men and at different times in different countries, to acquire full citizenship status.
Putting forward their priority, their desire remains a struggle. In the new family, as in the old one, you are assigned to a well-defined position, one that weighs unambiguously on your shoulders, procreation and housekeeping.
A rule of the game that persists or returns, through the social weight, linked to education under the influence of imperious religions, which define how to act in a society with ways of thinking that remain patriarchal.
The gap between propriety, education and life experience remains a space of freedom that women must relentlessly conquer.
This brilliant sponge remains a familiar, heavy jewel.

sabine feliciano

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