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BOURDONS | Stick of the elements / Bifurcation with Gisèle Jacquemet, visual artist @giseleljacquemet


The pilgrim's staff will be the tool of palaver. It carries the 4 elements: water, earth, fire and air.


2 m x 5 cm, embroidery on tulle, wool, threads, beads, old shawl, various textiles, trapilho, jersey scrap



Collective Fu (useful thread) 

exhibition from 6 April to 22 May

Salle des Cimaises

Ancienne école des beaux-arts /St Etienne (fr)

Biennale internationale du design de st Etienne 2022


With this set of pieces, a reflection is initiated around the trapped elements of the designer Anja Clerc: 6 wooden sticks of 2m20 and two straps, one in leather, the other in felt.


Wood is a natural material of vegetable origin. Consisting of a fibrous tissue forming the major part of the trunk, it ensures the conduction of the raw sap from the roots to the leaves, but also the mechanical support of the tree. It is like a reserve tissue. It protects, regulates, maintains survival if necessary, and then becomes organic matter.

The irregularities, cracks, wounds show an intense experience, linked to the different elements, to time. This living history is intimately linked to the radiant star that is closest to us, the Sun. The ultimate Yellow.

Our installation is a way of questioning the interactions of the different kingdoms of the living world and of evoking the correlations between plants and fibres.

Intertwined with needlepoint or hand crocheted threads, this nature remains our backbone.



The passing of time is the main thread of my work.

I am nourished by going back and forth with other artists. My work is crossed by them throughout my multiple collaborations.


In 2019 I discovered the textile work of Gisèle Jacquemet during a joint exhibition.

"Body or garment? My volumes are undoubtedly bodies, but unclothed. Or are they garments cut out of the body of their own folds? Gisèle Jacquemet


She crocheted a dress that invaded her body, devouring it. I was fascinated by her organic work that diverted the object from its initial function.

It is towards her that I turned, a huge crush 


Gisèle Jacquemet @giselejacquemet | visual artist

sabine feliciano

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